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Serving over 80 countries , we offer safe, engaging content for kids and partnership opportunities for businesses aiming to make a difference.

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Kidoodle.TV offers engaging, educational advertising in a secure, family-friendly space. With our human vetting, we ensure ads meet strict safety and quality standards, creating a trustworthy platform for brands to effectively reach families.

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Crystal-clear HD and top-tier shows make us ideal for partners and parents alike. Enjoy seamless, high-quality streaming for a superior viewing experience. Join us in redefining children's entertainment for a brighter future.

Safe Streaming tm

Committed to feeding 110 families for a year by the end of 2024.
301,000 tress planted for a year by the end of 2024.
$1million to support schools through KidoodleEd, School Giveaways, and filling backpacks.
56 Wishes granted through Make-A-Wish for a year by the end of 2024.
Compassionate Giving.

A Vision for Safe Advertising:

Where Brand Integrity & Audience Safety meet

The Safe Exchange™ suite of services provide access to incremental revenue, precision ad-filtering, and human-vetted creative review adding layers of protection.

Since 2012

10 Year Anniversary

Kidoodle.TV turns 10! Commemorating ten years of pioneering memories and milestones, we're keeping the vision our founders started with in our hearts. We continue to push the envelope in the streaming world, ever-expanding, ever-innovating, and introducing new reasons to love Kidoodle.TV.